Who we work with

Through strategic cooperations with qualified companies, we are able to complement our own interdisciplinary team and skills.  


Noise Abatement

  • Noise mapping 
  • Noise measurements

With "laermPartner" we offer a comprehensive and competent support for the entire spectrum of noise abatement plans. "laermPartner" is a strategic partnership of ten proprietor-managed companies (www.laermpartner.de).


Air Quality Management

  • Pollutant measurements
  • Dispersion calculation



  • Structural engineering 
  • Lighting planning


Fine Arts

  • Contact to artists working in the public space
  • Graphic design


Freespace Planning

  • Green in public spaces
  • Tree surveys

With the planning agency Freespace & City - fs-Synergy, Berlin, we are working together in a firm coop-eration (www.fs-synergy.de). Fs-Synergy assists us in green and free-space tasks and carries out tree surveys. In addition, the office is continuing to organize traffic-related surveys from previous collabora-tions.


Road construction

  • Design and execution planning


Scientific support

  • Cooperation with different universities
  • Cooperation with scientific institutions


Cooperation procedures

  • Public relations
  • Public participation


Legal advice

  • Road traffic laws


IT- and GIS-support

  • Data retention
  • Internet surveys